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GDTEX aims to lead its supply chain to meet the requirement of responsible sourcing. A great contribution has been done these years to reduce impact on the environment. In addition, innovation initiates were conducted to make our earth green again.

Fruit Dye & Plant Dye

The goal of building this model is to fully create the maximum value of every part of the fruit, linking to the balance of demand and supply, energy saving, environmental protection. The whole picture of this model aims on solving the crucial problem of the society to create the better environment for the best living and sustainable cycle.

Degradable & Renewable Corn Fiber Blended

This project is committed to solving an increasingly concerning environmental issues brought by the human race. Through the use of bio-based plastics verses oil based we can reduce the use of plastic wastes by an average of 30%. ?

Recycle Material

This project is aiming to use plastic bottle to make enough yarn, produce fabric and create recycle products. Looking at new ways to reduce our environmental foot print is an extremely important goal at GDTEX and can one day lead to a cleaner and safer world for everyone to use and enjoy. ?

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